Jackie would like to share with you a little of her experiences during her on-going journey of self-development and her quest to discover her true purpose in life.

"I can go back to some of my very earliest memories as a small child when even then I was aware of the energies around me, in nature and in animals; how I wanted to heal every sick bird and animal I found. I remember at times being aware of flashes of great joy inside me even when life was a challenge. I never questioned any of this, it was all very natural to me and these experiences have continued to develop over the years.

"Now in my 60's I still love to experience new growth on a spiritual level. I also love the fact that this pathway to self-awareness and self-knowledge is never ending. Through the practice of yoga and meditation I am becoming more connected to my own energy and the energy of others around me. This naturally leads to the gift of healing; not just healing the body from disease but healing the mind and finding peace. I believe this is a natural gift we can all work towards when we become more connected to our higher self.

"I have called this website "Pathway to Happiness" because it is really what we are all searching for. However, my message is, that you don't need to look any further. What you want, you already have. Your higher self is pure love, pure joy; you already are a radiant, amazing being. All you need to do is to find out how to uncover it.

"I would love to help you to learn how to uncover this great joy inside you; to discover how to quieten the mind, how to find peace within yourself, free from resistance, stress and anxiety and to recognise that life can flow beautifully and easily. In other words, to find your own "pathway to happiness".

"There are times when we all need a helping hand; when we would like some love and guidance to help us to move on. If you feel this way, you are very welcome to contact me. Just pick up the phone or e-mail me. It would be a privilege for me to be able to be there for you."

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