Pathway to Happiness
Jackie Matthews

We all want happiness in our lives. In fact why not also aim for feeling the utmost joy possible; experiencing so much energy that it radiates from you, with glowing skin and shining eyes. What about a life that flows, no matter what challenges come along; when you feel at peace with everything and everyone around you, when you are so full of love that it exudes from you.

Let Jackie help you find your "pathway to happiness" and show you how to enjoy the journey to this wonderful life.

Jackie Matthews has spent all her life on this quest for inner happiness, on finding how to connect with her higher self and develop her spiritual awareness and healing abilities. With over 30 years of practicing and teaching yoga and more recently guiding people into the raw food lifestyle, she has gained a vast amount of experience in helping others find their own pathway to what they most desire. She offers guidance on any of these matters with individual sessions in her home, by phone calls and by e-mail.

Jackie is a sensitive, compassionate and inspirational being and is passionate about sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm and spiritual awareness with others. With her guidance, you too can experience the peace, energy and joy which her lifestyle brings.

You are welcome to contact Jackie for more information:

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