Pathway to Happiness
Jackie Matthews

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are held in my home where you have the chance to talk freely about any issues which may be disturbing you, in a quiet, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

There are often many issues that can block you from feeling the peace, clarity and ultimate happiness that you would wish for. Emotions concerning the past, challenges in the present and perhaps fears for the future can sometimes become very dominant in your life.

During the session, I will help you to realise that it is possible to find peace within yourself with whatever is going on in your life. I will help you to connect, or reconnect with your true essence which often becomes hidden when you get lost in your thoughts.

Your true essence, also referred to as your soul, your inner light or your higher self is always there, you don’t have to search for it or try hard to reach it. You simply need to become aware that while your mind wanders and you become lost in your story, that you have simply forgotten who you really are, you have forgotten that you are this pure, shining light. I will give you guidance on how to come back to this source of love and peace so that you can experience the wonderful connection with the glowing, radiant being that you truly are.

This process is often referred to as “awakening “. This means that you are “waking up” and remembering who you are on a spiritual level, in fact, who you have always been. Once you have woken up to this realisation it’s important to keep reminding yourself of this, to continue this self-observation on a daily level. Regular sharing of these thoughts and feelings in individual sessions or group sessions can be very helpful on this awakening journey.

The individual sessions can also include guidance on relaxation and meditation; they will also help you to recognise and balance your own inner energy and find how to lift your vibrational level. These practices will help improve all aspects of your life; to help you to learn to trust your intuition and to make the right decisions so that your life flows easily and most importantly, to eventually be in tune with your higher self at all times in your daily life.

£35 per hour
£40 per hour, home visit in Salisbury

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