Pathway to Happiness
The Practice Rooms

Salisbury Meditation and Spiritual Development Group

Saturday mornings, once a fortnight, 10:00am – 12:00noon

This is a private group for members only.

The Practice Rooms


7A Catherine street

The blue door, between Trussell Trust charity shop and Salisbury Photo Centre

The Practice Rooms Website


Dates 2019 - 2020

Please contact Jackie or Stewart for future dates

Instructions for entering The Practice Rooms

To enter the Practice rooms you will need to press the buzzer for the Blue Room.
Go up two flights of stairs, turn left and the blue room is at the end of a short corridor.

Reserve your place before each meeting

Please contact Jackie by email or phone the week before each meeting to confirm that you are coming. It is also a good idea to check your emails before coming in case there is a cancellation.

Telephone: phone number

About the Group

The aim of this group is to allow those of you who realise you are awakening to something very special on a spiritual level to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with other like-minded people.

Being a part of a gathering of individuals who are all seeking the truth about themselves on this level can help support you on your own inward journey and connecting with others who share the same intentions can be inspiring and motivating. Communicating with others and sharing knowledge and experiences of this nature can enhance your spiritual growth significantly, leading to a greater understanding of yourself and ultimately leading to greater personal happiness.

Meditating in a group can be very special. Although meditation is usually a personal practice, there is a synergy created when people meditate together. Those present will often experience a change in the vibrational level in the room and a profound feeling of deep calm and peace resonating amongst them, often tapping into a more profound silence than they may experience on their own.

Becoming part of a group of like-minded souls, engaging in meditation and discussion has the potential for infinite benefits for each person on all levels of their being.

A unique bond is often formed when you travel with others on this path to inner peace.

The Format of the group and necessary information

  • The meeting will start with a group meditation. There will be a short guidance if required followed by silence and the chance to experience the feelings of peace, harmony and oneness that is felt when everyone is silent together.
  • The meditation will be done sitting; chairs will be provided but you are very welcome to bring your own meditation cushion or mat.
  • After the meditation, there may be a short talk to start the discussion if necessary and then everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and experiences and questions about anything of a spiritual nature. Of course, if you just wish to come to share the meditation, listen to others and be inspired, you are also very welcome.
  • The meeting will end with a short meditation so that everyone can take away that unique sense of oneness and peace.
  • Please feel free to bring a drink or snack if you should need this.
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